Rally Rally is focused on advocating slow, thoughtful living and encouraging mindfulness in our community. We also hope to continue to shine a light on sustainability through our work.

Our Responsibility action plan is structured around 3 main pillars: Product, Packaging and People.

1 Product
  • For earth-friendly goods, we strive to only work with brand partners and suppliers who are credible and have a good track record in sustainability.

  • As part of our rebrand, we are introducing a new category of “well-being” goods. These include books, guided journals, mindfulness card decks and more from small independent artists.

    We hope that our well-being goods are able to inspire people and help them slow down and find their quiet in this increasingly-chaotic world.

  • In 2021, we streamlined our inventory management process and began actively reviewing demand for products and/or styles. Utilising data from Shopify, we are able to spot specific trends and make better buying decisions.

    We will continue to practise this and keep our selection of goods to small batches, preventing oversupply and unnecessary product wastage.

2 Packaging
  • For the past 6 years, we have followed a strict zero virgin plastic rule. If your order arrives with plastic packaging, they are likely either plastic that our brand partners use to protect the goods during transportation or packaging materials that we have collected and repurposed.

    Whenever possible, we will request suppliers to avoid using plastic packaging.

  • We have never purchased nor produced plastic packaging, and will continue to use donated materials like bubble wraps and honeycomb paper to double-wrap our goods.

  • We used to pack orders using kraft paper and paper tape. However, with our growing product range and upon reviewing feedback from customers, we will be transiting to carton boxes which are sturdier and less prone to damage.

    We hope this helps to tackle the problem of torn packaging and/or damaged goods during our delivery process.

  • To prevent packaging waste, we encourage customers to reuse and repurpose our packaging materials whenever possible.

    Currently, we are also exploring ways where we can collect used boxes from customers to be reused again.

  • Our note cards are now printed on uncoated FSC-certified paper, and are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Reuse, recycle or repurpose the note card however you want!

3 People
  • The local community has always been an integral part of Rally Rally. We hope to organise regular pop-ups to connect with friends and customers, and not limit ourselves to being just an “online store”.

  • Instagram has helped us connect with our community and allowed us to grow as a small local business.

    However, we aim to become more intentional when it comes to creating digital content. We have also relaunched our newsletter, after 5 long years, as an alternative platform to communicate with you.

    We hope that, with time, we can reduce our reliance on social media and inspire a movement in slow, intentional living within our community.