Our Story

Rally Rally was founded in 2018 as a passion project between two childhood friends who saw that a sustainable lifestyle could be fun and delightful. Some of our first products, such as BAGGU reusable bags, KeepCups, and fabric cup holders, exude these qualities.

In the years since, as we grew, both as a business and as individuals dwelling in our bustling city-state, we began to realise that the idea of a “sustainable lifestyle” is actually not as sustainable as we thought and that it is not without its limits.

For Rally Rally’s Act 2, we are making a bold move and embracing a business model that does more than just advocating for sustainability—but encourages slow, thoughtful living.

In addition to our range of earth-friendly products, we are introducing a new category of well-being goods.

We have also reviewed our Responsibility action plan (previously Sustainability) and updated it with the steps we are taking to become the responsible local business that we envision ourselves to be.

Visit our Responsibility page to learn more.