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With eco-consciousness and green living gaining traction in Singapore, we did a roundup of establishments who have pledged to ban the use of plastic straws!

1. KFC Singapore
In June this year, KFC Singapore announced that it would stop providing plastic straws and lid covers for drinks in all its 84 local outlets from 20 June 2018 onwards. This initiative is estimated to help KFC save 17,900 kg of single-use plastics every year. KFC is the first fast food chain in Singapore to ban plastic straws.

2. Starbucks
On a bigger scale, Starbucks has pledged in July to eliminate plastic straws from all its 28,000 stores worldwide by 2020. The US coffee giant has designed a new “sipping lid” for its cold drinks instead.

3. Koufu Food Court
In March this year, local food court operator Koufu introduced a "Say No to Plastic Straw" initiative at Koufu at Singapore Management University. This move was warmly received by SMU students and staff and Koufu has plans to push this initiative to its other branches. 

4. Local Cafes
Several local cafes have also joined in the fight against plastic pollution! Common Man Coffee Roasters has been providing customers with reusable metal straws starting this year at both its outlets. Their Martin Road outlet used to give out about 5,000 plastic straws every month. Stamping Ground Coffee has a no-straw policy every Wednesday. Vegan Burg has also switched from plastic to biodegradable straws.

5. Hotel Groups
Hotel groups in Singapore are embracing sustainability too. By June 2019, the six hotels under Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) will ban the use of single-use plastics - that means no more unnecessary disposables such as straws, cutlery and toiletry bottles! The Hyatt and Hilton groups have also vowed against the use of plastic straws, imposing their bans by September and December 2018 respectively.

Stainless Steel Straw SingaporeFood-safe stainless steel straws are a good alternative to plastic straws.

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