Earth Day 2019 Rally Rally Singapore

5 Inspiring Brands to Know This Earth Day

Earth Day 2019 Rally Rally Singapore

With widespread destruction of nature in the name of economic development, many plant and animal species are facing extinction. This loss of biodiversity can have devastating consequences for life on Earth. Entering its 49th edition, Earth Day 2019 focuses on the protection of these endangered species. There is no better time than now to kick-start your earth-friendly lifestyle, because every little step you take in the name of environmental protection and conservation is better than none taken. This Earth Day, we share with you five brands that inspire us to protect our planet!

First started in 2007 by a mother-and-daughter duo, this US brand produces reusable bags made of recycled ripstop nylon in quirky and colorful designs. These BAGGUs are our absolute essentials on the go! Extremely versatile and sturdy, they can carry everything from groceries to gym wear. Get yours here today!

2. National Geographic Society
A nonprofit, earth-loving organization established nearly 130 years ago, National Geographic Society has proven itself to be a strong ally of the planet. With countless images of the rich biodiversity and multitude of cultures that exist on Earth, National Geographic has inspired generations in protecting and conserving nature and cultures. Subscribe to its magazine here!

Earth Day 2019 BAGGU Rally Rally Singapore

BAGGU in nature

3. KeepCup
Founded in Melbourne in 2009, KeepCup creates barista-standard reusable cups as a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to takeaway coffee cups. Available in a variety of customisable colors, it has successfully allowed countless coffee lovers to reduce disposable cups usage, while at the same time enjoy their coffee. Get your very own KeepCup here!

4. Lush Cosmetics
Founded in the UK in 1995, our go-to brand uses only vegetarian and vegan recipes to create an awesome range of face, body and haircare products with great-smelling fragrances and vibrant colors. Besides being known for upholding high ethical standards in its ingredient selection and production processes, Lush is also a strong supporter of environmental conservation and animal protection campaigns. Visit a Lush Cosmetics outlet in Singapore today.

5. Atmos Magazine
An exciting, new bi-annual publication hot off the press this month, Atmos is a curated culture and design magazine with an explicit focus on climate change. It aims to create a platform within the art and design world where environmental issues can be seen and heard. Through the eyes of photography, its inaugural issue examines the current challenges faced by various communities as they tackle climate change. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

About Earth Day
The global earth-friendly movement first started on 22 April 1970, when millions of people rallied together to protest against the harmful environmental effects of the Industrial Revolution which started 150 years before. Since then, communities come together each year to hold peaceful protests and civic engagement events, to inspire and bring about concrete improvement in local and global policies that impact the environment.

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