BAGGU Rally Rally Singapore

BAGGUs, new and updated!

BAGGU Spring 2019 Rally Rally
As we strive to bring you more eco-friendly products, our all-time favourite reusable bag also got itself a green update! Our new collection of BAGGUs is now made with 40% recycled ripstop nylon.
40% recycled nylon
BAGGU now makes its reusable bags with 40% recycled ripstop nylon. Pre-consumer scrap material waste is being saved from landfill to produce your favourite reusable bags. This helps to conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Stronger, greener
Weaving 40% recycled and 60% non-recycled fibres together results in a stronger and sturdier nylon material. A "40% recycled ripstop nylon" standard BAGGU still holds up to 22kg of stuff and is machine-washable. Now, you can carry a greener and equally durable BAGGU with you everyday!
Giving back
Because of this new material and the increase in manufacturing costs, the prices for both standard and baby BAGGUs in the US have increased. However, we have decided to not make any change to our pricing. We hope that, in this way, we will continue to inspire more people to join the Bring Your Own Bag rally. Discover the full BAGGU Spring'19 collection here!
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