5 Simple Ways to Kick-start Your Plastic-free Lifestyle

5 Simple Ways to Kick-start Your Plastic-free Lifestyle

Plastic has become so ubiquitous in our everyday life that it is almost unimaginable to think about going plastic-free. We use plastic toothbrushes every morning, we are offered plastic bags to hold our items in our daily shopping, and we are so used to having drinks in plastic cups and straws. It can indeed be a daunting prospect to stop using plastic completely, but you don’t have to do that.

Here, we list five simple actions in which you can start with to cut down your plastic footprint, and hopefully as these actions become part of your everyday habit, you will be able to go further to realise a plastic-free lifestyle!

  • 1. Refuse a plastic bag
  • Here in Singapore, most of the stores and supermarkets would automatically bag your purchases in plastic bags as you make your payment at the cashier. The next time this happens, refuse the plastic bag!
    Most often than not, your purchases would be able to fit into your bag or purse. Otherwise, simply bring a reusable bag along with you so that you can bag your purchases. When we buy takeaway meals, we are always offered a plastic bag to carry our lunch. It does not cost you much harm to simply hold your lunch box without a plastic bag. 

  • 2. Refuse a plastic straw
  • Plastic straws enable us to sip our drink on the go when we take away a kopi-peng. But if you think about it, you can actually have your drink without having the need to use a straw. When you dine in at the restaurant or order food from the counter, try having your drink without the plastic straw. If you are a bubble tea lover, sipping pearls from the XL-sized straw is definitely part of the enjoyment.
    In order to reduce the usage of plastic straws, why not purchase a reusable bubble tea straw? It definitely adds to the enjoyment by using your very own personal reusable straw!

    Baggu KeepCupUsing my KeepCup to dabao bubble tea and Baby BAGGU for takeaway lunch 

  • 3. Bring your own reusable cup to dabao kopi
  • If you are one of those who do your coffee run every morning before work, using a reusable cup to do that would help you to reduce your waste and plastic footprint by a lot! I personally always use a small thermal flask to take away my teh, which also helps to keep it hot for a longer period of time.

  • 4. Stop buying bottled water
  • Plastic bottles are one of the most common plastic item found in our lives today, and we probably don’t bat an eyelid when given one or buying one from the convenience kiosk. Most of us also throw away the bottle once we finish the water, as we know that reusing plastic bottles can be harmful to our body. Why not simply stop buying bottled water once and for all? You can bring a reusable water bottle with you in your bag. There are endless varieties of reusable water bottles out there, we’re sure you would be able to find one that fits your style!

  • 5. Bring your own container to dabao food
  • If you prefer to buy freshly baked bread for breakfast and take away lunch in the afternoon, most likely you will be taking away bread in a plastic bag (or two!), and your lunch in a plastic or styrofoam box. One easy way to cut down your plastic usage will be to bring a compact lunch box to take away your bread for breakfast, and then your lunch thereafter.

    We at RALLY RALLY have started off with more or less the same way as well, and have never looked back since! It may take some conscious self-reminders to bring your reusable bags, straws, cups or containers at first, but it becomes a habit soon after.

    Try them out, and let us know how it goes by tagging us #RALLYRALLYTIPS on Instagram! Let’s rally together and save our earth from drowning in plastic!

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