About Us


Above: Standard BAGGU in Blue Gingham

We are a couple of Singaporeans who are sick of using and throwing away so much plastic in our lives. Gradually, we started making tiny changes to our lifestyles - refusing a plastic bag when offered, bringing our own cups to buy tea, and bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store.
The thought of abandoning our convenience and embracing the whole 'eco-friendly' lifestyle can be quite a daunting one. But as we started snooping around  for plastic-free reusable goods, we came across an inspiring array of international and local wares that are colourful and pretty to use, which makes the whole journey more fun and enjoyable!
With this webstore, we hope to inspire you to take those first steps towards a greener, better future for our Mother Earth.
Let's #RALLYRALLY and kick some ass!